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Best italian leather in wide choice of colours

Our suppliers are constituted by best Italian leather tanneries. These are companies enjoying long tradition, which co-operate with furniture manufacturers worldwide. During the manufacturing process each and every leather texture is scrupulously examined by specialised employees so that to eliminate any irregularities and imperfections. Thanks to such meticulous work our Customers receive the highest quality furniture without any upholstery drawbacks.

Upholstery fabric

The wide palette of colours, textures and designs work to the advantage of the applied materials and fabrics, which come from the best European spinning mills located in Spain, Italy, Turkey or Belgium.

Upholstered furniture always from the work of hands

We come from the region which had been always perceived as the centre of mass furniture manufacturing. Swarzędz and the area have always been the place where the Polish furniture manufacturing industry enjoyed popularity and constituted inspiration for other regions of Poland. Within this furniture and design centre (amongst others thanks to Industrial Design at the Academy of Fine Arts) it is where our factory was founded 15 years ago. We co-operate with the number of recipients. Our furniture is available in both Polish as well as foreign sales chains and networks.

Relaxation and leisure in comfortable position

Each person has their own individual position within which their body relaxes. At our customers’ special request we implement within our furniture specialised mechanisms indispensable for the regulation of the angle of back, leg or head support all in order to be able to obtain optimal comfort. All mechanisms labelled with the pictogram TV symbolise that the given piece of furniture offers optimal comfort in seated or semi-full rest position.

Seat ergonomy

All portable elements which are available within our models, such as for instance elbow support or a head support will allow You to adjust the given piece of furniture to the dedicated needs and expectations of the user to enable best possible comfort and relaxation. The moveable head support constitutes one of the most important features of this model hence without adequate relaxation of neck muscles it is impossible to rest in the desired manner. The same applies with regards to the adequate and proper support of your arms.

Handy bar

It is always handy when your favourite book, drink or laptop is within your hand’s reach. In order to address such needs and expectations we have decided to offer You your personal BAR. This proposal is in particular dedicated to models which come available in modular configurations. Moreover each and every bar may be equipped with audio, which is constituted by the audio panel with BLUETOOTH module as well as with wireless smart phone charging station.

Maintenance of leather furniture

Adequate maintenance and protection is required for natural leather to maintain adequate vitality and effective looks.

Within the period not longer than 2 months from the date of purchase make sure to perform the following:

  1. remove dust from the piece of furniture
  2. clean the piece of furniture with the application of a specimen recommended by the manufacturer ALWES COLLECTIONS and leave to dry
  3. impregnate leather surface with the application of the specimen recommended by the manufacturer and leave to dry

All fresh stains are to be removed on running basis with the application of a dry piece of cloth always using round moves.

Once a week wipe the piece of furniture with the application of antistatic cloth or with the application of a delicate moist sponge with the additive of grey soap.

Once every three months make sure to convey the so-called maintenance procedure with the application of leather care specimens recommended by ALWES COLLECTIONS.


Unpacking the piece of furniture upon delivery
  1. The piece of furniture is to be unpacked without application of any sharp tools or
  2. Prior the initiation of the execution of assembly works make sure to get acquainted to the provisions of the assembly instructions which is supplied along with the purchased piece of furniture.
  3. During the process of transporting and changing of the location of the piece of furniture make sure to get hold of stiff and rigid pieces of the construction only.
  4. Avoid sliding the piece of furniture through the surface of the floor as supports may cause damage to the flooring surface or may become damaged in the process of sliding.
  5. After unpacking from the transport packaging make sure to adequately form the piece of furniture and remove all wrinkles that may have occurred during transport. The sooner the provisions of described with the sentence above are executed the faster the piece of furniture will obtain the required shape.
  6. Each and every piece of furniture requires dry and closed interiors far away from the influence of sunlight or other heat sources.

In the occurrence of any doubts please make sure to get acquainted to the provisions of the hereby guarantee card or contact directly our SERVICE/MAINTENANCE DEPARTMENT.

Rozpakowanie mebla po dostarczeniu

  1. Mebel należy rozpakować nie używając przy tym żadnych ostrych narzędzi.
  2. W razie konieczności montażu należy skorzystać z instrukcji dostarczonej wraz z meblem.
  3. Podczas ustawiania oraz przenoszenia mebla należy trzymać go za sztywne i twarde elementy konstrukcyjne.
  4. Należy unikać przesuwania mebli po podłodze. Nóżki mogą porysować powierzchnię podłogi lub być narażone na uszkodzenie.
  5. Mebel wypakowany należy uformować i usunąć zagniecenia wynikłe z transportu. Szybciej nabierze oczekiwanego kształtu.
  6. Mebel potrzebuje suchych, zamkniętych pomieszczeń z dala od promieni słonecznych i źródeł ciepła.

W razie jakichkolwiek wątpliwości prosimy zapoznać się z treścią naszej karty gwarancyjnej lub zadzwonić  bezpośrednio do naszego DZIAŁU SERWISU.

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I accept the terms & regulations in case of personal data usage defined on Privacy Policy of Alwes sp. z o.o. s.k.